Android Flavors — Manage Flavors in different files

productFlavors {
free {
buildConfigField "String", "TIMEOUT", "15"
paid {
buildConfigField "String", "TIMEOUT", "15"
productFlavors.all {
flavor ->
def fileName = + ".gradle"
if(file(fileName).exists()) {
apply from: fileName
initFlavor(flavor, project)
def localDefineValue = '"UAT localDefineValue"'
ext.initFlavor = {
it, project ->
it.applicationIdSuffix ".uat"
it.buildConfigField "String", "env", "\"UAT\""
it.resValue "string", "resValue", "Res UAT"
it.resValue("string", "resFunction", "Res UAT")

Properties properties = new Properties()
properties.load(project.rootProject.file('').newDataInputStream()) // load
def localPropertiesValue = properties.getProperty('localPropertiesValue', '')
it.buildConfigField "String", "localPropertiesValue", localPropertiesValue

it.buildConfigField "String", "gradlePropertiesValue", "${gradlePropertiesValue}"
it.buildConfigField "String", "localDefineValue", localDefineValue



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